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Undercoating from Ralph's Auto Center

We offer two distinctive products and are authorized installers for both Fluid Film and ValuGard!

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Fluid Film starting at $149

An annual treatment product that stops rust in its tracks!

ValuGard starting at $499

A one time application that lasts the life of your car! ValuGard is a black asphalt base undercoat.

Fluid Film FAQ - Click Question to Expand

If I spray Fluid Film® on a painted surface, will it harm the paint?

Will Fluid Film® adversely affect plastic or rubber?

Can I paint over a surface treated with Fluid Film®?

Will Fluid Film® remove rust?

Will Fluid Film® work on battery terminals?

Does Fluid Film® attract dirt?

Is Fluid Film® Biodegradable?

Will Fluid Film® harm electrical connections?

Will Fluid Film® work in locks?

I've heard that Fluid Film® will condition my work boots? Is that true?

How is Fluid Film® on snow equipment?

How does Fluid Film® work on Motorcycle chains?

Can I use Fluid Film® on firearms?

I have a gallon of Fluid Film® and want to thin it down. How can I do that?

Does Fluid Film® dry out?

Will Fluid Film® stop grass from sticking to my lawnmower?

Does Fluid Film® protect all metals?

Can you use a pump type sprayer to spray Fluid Film® in the bulk form?

What makes Fluid Film® different from the competition?

What is the bulk flash point of Fluid Film® NAS?

Will Fluid Film® burn greenery when applied to trimming or cutting devices?

What is the Shelf life of Fluid Film®?

Has there been any outside testing conducted to show the effectiveness of Fluid Film®?